TiVolga is one of the largest manufacturers of Ferro Titanium in Russia
Nowadays TiVolga is a worldwide production company specializing on full process of recycling Titanium scrap to Ferrro Titanium

About Us

” Ti Volga  LLC”   was founded  in  Yaroslavl,  Russia  –  not  far  from Moscow and  main  sea ports: Saint Petersburg and  Novorossiysk  by  a team  of  high experienced  professionals , headed by  a         Ph. D.  metallurgist   with  20  years  in  the industry.

Now  we  are  ISO 9001:2015 certified  innovative  producer  of Ferro Titanium  (FeTi)  and a vital   link in  Russian  Titanium  supply chain.
As  a  full production  cycle  company “TiVolga”  buys  all  types  of   titanium  scrap  and  turnings around  the  world  and  sells premium  quality  Ferro  Titanium to  the  global  market  as  well  as home  market  in  Russia.
Also,  at  the  request  of  the customer,  w e produce  ferronickel (FeNi),  powder  wire  for metallurgy  with  different  fillers (Silico-Calcium,  Calcium Metal Granular,  FeTi,  Calcium Injection Wire)



                                                                       Our clients are major international steel mills in Europe, Asia, North  and  South America .

                                                The  production of “TiVolga”  capacity is more than 1200  MT per month and we are working on further growth.

                                 Our special pride – is our milling ability which allows us to produce more than  600 MT  of  Ferro Titanium  fines  every month.

Ferro Titanium in lumps
10-50 mm
Ferro Titanium in fines
0-2 mm
Cored wire with Ferro Titanium